The Anniversary Set

I used my Bernina Hoops 130x100, 200x155 and 255x145 to create this set which contains :

Round Heart Coaster, Heart Shaped Coasters, Heart Shaped Napkinring,  Heart Bowl, Heart Trinket Box,  Heart Napkin Box,

Heart Silverware Box,  Misc. Text, Roses & Baby Rattle.  Fits any Buffet.

Sew it out in Silk or Satin to give it a spetacular look or simply mix and match this for the table cloth you want.

The entire Set has been created with buttonholes so instead of zigzaging the side panels together as usual just put a narrow satin ribbon in the buttonholes and tie it up, looks wonderful and most important:

You save room, as when the set is not in use simply untie the ribbons and lay it all flat, see picture below

This Set is useful for: Baby Showers, Baptism/Christenings, Birthdaydays, Weddings, .... or just any kind of anniversary you could think of.

ALSO This Set fits in the : Caravan, Motor Home, the Boat ect.... -  simply untie and lay flat when not using.

And best of all,  this can not breake into a million pieces.

 I used disposable Sponge Wash Cloth within this entire project. 

Designed entirely by me.

  Instructions are incl. Price $ 12.00

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