EA Mr. & Mrs. Purrfect©

Are you allergic to pets or do you live in a place you can´t have any pets at all??

Maybe I have the answer to that, meet Mr. & Mrs Purrfect.

They are done in the mega hoop 400x150 and they are about 32 centimetres tall. Created to stand by them self and they have a pocket on the back so they can keep track of your baby´s pacifier (2 pacifiers) as well as other things, - the secret chocolate maybe or a love letter ;o)

They can also be used as doorstoppers or your soulmate - only your imagination can stop you as the use of these is quite many, and best of all - all they need is a lot of love and hugs, very easy don´t you agree.

 Mr. & Mrs. Purrfect has a huge family which will join in later!

Designed entirely by me, so please respect that all copyrights belongs to me!

Instructions are included Price $ 12.00

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