Most of the alphabets are coming with the danish, finnish, german, norwgian & swedish letters, just let me know which you need!

If you need/missed a letter you can purchase this for $ 1.25 by writing me and I will send you a paypal invoice!





Prince Charming

Calla Flower Wreath

Lady Eliza


Egg Shell Alpha

Leigh-Ann's Alpha

Gentle Quilting Alpha

RoseBud Alpha

Soft Quilting

Vanilla Ice

Princess La'Toia

Flower Power

Butterfly Quilting

Pingling Paya

Swirls Mandarin

Tribal Kid

Elegant Framed Scroll Alphabet

The Pingling Paya

Baby's Crossstitch


Dogwood Alphabet

Petite Jaz

Floral Alphabet

Siff Quilting Alphabet

Bunny Alphabet

Rooster Alphabet

Snail Alpha

Rex's Alpha

Siff Quilting Alphabet

Ivy Quilting Alphabet

Maybritt's Alpha

Mona's Alpha

Swingling Elize Alphabet

Lil' Castle Alpha

Elegance Alphabet

Da'Goose Alphabet

Patty Benzings Alphabet

Rosebud Alphabet

Rosebud Alphabet 2

Rosebud 3 Alphabet

Lene's Butterfly Alphabet

Henning's Anniversary Alphabet

Bonbon Mini Alphabet

Laila's Flower Alphabet

Macaroonee Alpha

Summer Green Alphabet

Ka'tjing Alphabet

PP Ornament

CrissCross Alphabet

The Dashing Diva Alphabet

Mi'Lady Alphabet

Wedding Alphabet

Ladybird Alphabet

Ladybird Alphabet

Christmas Alphabet

Think Pink Alphabet

John's Sailboat Alphabet

 Dogwood Corner Alphabet

Purple Flower Alphabet 

Spring Green Alphabet


Midsummers Dream Alphabet

Mini Flower Alphabet 

Flower Alphabet 

Twinkling Star Alphabet

Horse Shoe Alpha 5x7

Da'Tennis Alpha 4x4

Da'Thimble Alpha 4x4

Love to Sew Alpha 4x4

Fringed Monogramed Buttons

Embossed Alpha 5x7

Buttons Up Alpha 4x4

Applique Fringe Flower Alpha

Sweet Heart Alpha 5x7

Princess Victoria Quilting Alpha © 5x7 Circle of Life Alpha 5x7

La'Fleur Alpha 4x4

Jojo Alpha 5x7

Elegance La'Fleur Alpha 4x4

Heart Alpha 5x7

Heart Alpha 4x4

Bow Alpha 4x4

Maria's Flower Alpha 4x4

The Money Money Alpha 4x4

Rose on Rose Alpha 4x4

The Satin Stitchers Lace Alpha

Julie's Alpha 4x4

Miss Moon Alpha 4x4

Lullaby Baby Alpha 4x4





Sweet Jewell Alpha 4x4