We Love Animals


What a Darling

This Wonderful Grashopper moved in sep 5, 2013 .. wow, - what a gem. I had it sitting on my hand and it gently touched me, knowing I wouldt hurt it.. A biggie, right!

Here you see how it looks at me while I took the pic using my phone.  Quite interersted in sewing it was,

We are invaded by frogs/toads .. they come in visit us all the time, so much that Paya takes a nap from all the fuzz

We do stumble over them in the evening/nights .. inside the kitchen and our living room and of course outside as well.

And yup ... I kissed the frog for real and in came John just a minute later ...  so got my Prince

Kid to lacy stand up eating ... he is 13 years & 1 month old having hip problems from Arthritis


What a Wonderful Sky



Not much "Guard Dog" over this Pack: La´Toia, Kid & Paya !

In Loving Memory of our beloved Kid

12.8.2000 - 11.2.2014