Welcome to Syartisten

My favorite hobbies are sewing, embroider, crochet & knitting.

I use Bernina Software v7.

 I am the lucky owner of several sewing machines, including a Bernina Activa 125 S which I use for machine needle punching.

Embroidery and needle punching are an exciting way to transform boring clothes into fancy, trendy and "in" clothes.

 Since both of my bernina embroidery machines are linked to my computer, almost anything is possible. The only limits are imagination and ecomony.

Digitized designs will be emailed within 24 hours, anything requiring regular mailing will be charged shipping.

Many of my designs are from cliparts which are generic, limitied, semi-exclucive, exclucive and of course a lot designed by myself.

Attention: Be aware that the time different may be up to 12 hours or more depending on where you live.

I also do have a lot of fun to knit and crochet and of course sewing in generel, I really love to sew.

From time to time I will post pictures of items for sale, just keep an eye up for anything new.

Also check out that your settings are able to recive zipped files and allows me through your spamfilter, simply in order to recieve emails with attatchements from me.

I am on disabillity pension and have problems walking, so anything sold from this site helps me finance the costs running this site.

Hugs, Anette